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Shania Twin

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Shania Twin

Shania Twin

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Shania Twain herself had mentioned Donna in her Autobiography. She is one of the busiest act for major fairs, festivals
and exhibitions in North America.Featured on The Jenny Jones Show and going to be featured in upcoming movie
with Dolly Parton (Christmas Wrap).


 She was surprised and pleased to receive compliments from strangers commenting on how she looks like "Shania Twain". Even Shania Twain had commented that after seeing a poster of Donna, "I thought that was me!!! Donna is the best 'Shania Twain Tribute out there."Donna put in countless hours practicing to sing like Shania, watching her videos over and over, studying to emulate her moves and the way she presented herself.

Donna met with an agent in the music business and after listening to her sing, and not to mention her uncanny resemblance to one of country music’s most beautiful and successful women, it was obvious that Donna was about to embark on something that would change her life forever.

They worked to put a band together, practiced for a few months, and the rest is history. Donna has been on the road since March of 1996 as the most successful Tribute Act in Canada and throughout the United States and Europe.

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