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About Talent Concepts, Inc.


Talent Concepts Inc. is the premiere Talent Agency Resource for your next big event. If you want access to top national or regional entertainers, recording industry stars, Hollywood celebrities, unique sporting events and Vegas-style production shows, don't waste another minute searching for the right Talent Agency. You've found it!


Put the TCI Entertainment Group's experience and knowledge

to work to make your live entertainment program a success. 

  • EVALUATE YOUR CURRENT PROGRAM: TCI offers a reasonably priced LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ASSESSMENT, onsite visits to meet with everyone connected to the goal of entertainment, review the history, formulate a PHILOSOPHY OF LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, and prepare strategic recommendations.

  • START A NEW PROJECT: Why reinvent the wheel? TCI has helped many venues get started the right way. Budgeting, staffing, talent buying, production, and venue planning are just some of the areas addressed.

  • BUILD OR EXPAND YOUR VENUES: Many venues have traveled the same route of expansion. TCI can help your team avoid common pitfalls and make sure you are heading in the right direction.

  • STAFF YOUR PROGRAM: How many times have we heard that the people make the difference? There are many people wanting to be in the entertainment side, but are they truly qualified? TCI has the most experience in evaluating, hiring, and training the right people to help make your program a success.

  • OUTSOURCE TALENT BUYING: This is where TCI experience really pays off for you. In an increasingly competitive and sophisticated talent market, you want the very best professionals on your team.

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