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Nashville Unplugged

 Introducing "Nashville Unplugged"The Story behind the Song", a songwriter in the round show that brings the most successful, hit songwriters from Nashville right to you. The intimacy of this all acoustic show makes for a highly interactive connection between the writers and the audience. 

Have you ever wondered how "Live like You were Dying" for Tim McGraw was even written? Or did you know that the songwriter of "Friends in low Places" actually traded his ownership of that song to pay off a $1700 bar tab in Nashville before it became a worldwide hit for Garth Brooks? What was actually happening in the studio the day the writers came up with "She's Country" for Jason Aldean that went on to become Billboard's "Most Played Song of the Year"? You're sure to have a whole new appreciation every time you hear the CMA Song of the Year "I Drive your Truck" when you learn that the song was inspired by an interview on NPR of a mom who had lost her son in Afghanistan and the only way to heal her broken heart was to get in his truck and drive.

Songs are the soundtrack to our lives and we are bringing you a never before seen look at the birth of some of those songs by the people who wrote them. You'll laugh so hard it makes you cry and in the next breath you'll be wiping away tears of heartache then you'll be right back to tapping your foot or even throwing your head back and dancing. 

Aaron Benward (host) bio:
Aaron co-created Nashville Unplugged and has had 11 #1 songs, named in People Magazine's "Fashion Rocks" campaign and has been nominated for CMA and ACM Duo of the Year 3 times. He also has had tv themes songs in shows like ABC's "Nashville", Bravo's "Project Runway" and NBC's "The Voice". 

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