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Marty Ray Project

“My Momma always said when I cried as a baby, it sounded like a song...I guess I’ve been singing ever since.”
The Marty Ray Project's smash viral cover of Vanilla Ice's “Ice Ice Baby” nearing 5 million views

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, and raised in Blytheville, Akansas, Marty has a true love and passion for the south. Being from a family of musicians, preachers, singers, and songwriters, it was definitely in his blood from birth. He started writing songs when he was twelve years old and from the first song he knew that songwriting was his destiny-- whether he got paid for it or not. “I won’t allow anyone to put me in a box creatively, especially a record label.” Growing up with Gospel, R&B, Country, and Blues as his musical guidance, he has been blessed with a unique style of singing and songwriting that stretches the boundaries of cultures.

Through teaching his little brother to follow his dreams and aspirations to become an actor, he soon fell in love with the art himself. He began getting involved with local film productions and going to acting classes strictly out of support for his little brother. He started getting requested for roles in local productions because of his majestic beard. That lead to him finding out that he had a gift for acting as well as songwriting. So, with this new love for acting, he began to get deeper into the craft and started booking more roles in Memphis. He now has a talent agent for acting and books roles all over the country.

Marty tours with his band in between acting gigs and is constantly writing songs. He has now written seven movie scripts, four of which have been produced. He has written, directed, and edited several online projects including his viral parody music video “All About That Beard.” Marty loves to make people laugh but he also loves to evoke feelings of love and joy through his works. Join the The Marty Ray Project and support Independent Artists like him all around the world.


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