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TNA Knockout Champ ODB

Jessie Kresa - "OBD" Knockout Champ Wrestler

The "ODB" stands for "One Dirty Bitch" and she is one of the most colorful and charismatic woman in professional wrestling to date. With her boob grabbing, whiskey drinking and don't-take-no-crap-from-no-one attitude, there's nothing stopping this Minnesota native we call ODB.

ODB got in the wrestling business in 2000. In 2007, ODB founded her brand when she stepped into the TNA IMPACT ring and became a knockout.  She is a former four-time Women's Knockout Champion and a former Knockouts Tag Team Champion. People can relate to her like no other. She's not your typical knockout ... she's The ODB One Dirty Bitch BAM!!!

 When ODB is not traveling the country or overseas, Jessie would bartend in her town's local bar named The Lil Bar in Champlin, Minnesota. The locals enjoy coming in and getting a drink from their favorite bartender Jessie, "she's Jessie to us" as the locals would say.

 Jessie lives in her remodeled 78 airstream. Airstream has become a big part of her brand from taping a cooking show: "My Family Recipes with Joey Fatone" and being featured in Airstream Life Magazine.


 In 2015, Jessie decided to take her airstream on the road to promote her own ODB Whiskey sauces.   Her first stop was 75th Sturgis, go big or go home. She set up for the first time as a vendor.

She is also learning and training in the voiceover world. With her slightly sarcastic attitude, Jessie has been doing voiceover work for TNA IMPACT, Spike TV commercials and local bar campaigns.

​Jessie has been venturing out and trying new things -- she created her own Whiskey Hot Sauce and Whiskey BBQ sauce. "One Dirty Bitch Whiskey Hot Sauce" and "One Dirty Bitch BBQ Sauce". 

Tough as nails but charming and gorgeous. Whats next for this Minnesota local? Stay tuned and follow her on social media #Hookinupwithodb.

Jessie Kresa

The ODB...Follow me on my journey !

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