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Stacy Mitchhart

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Stacy Mitchhart’s musical journey began in his native Cincinnati, Ohio, in a home where jazz guitar masters like Wes Montgomery and Johnny Smith were played on the stereo. Therefore it was natural that he gravitated to the six-string. As a child he saw the outrageous Little Richard on a TV show and was captivated by his showmanship. Little Richard looked and acted differently than anybody he had ever been exposed to. Today, Mitchhart has created his own brand of showmanship that brings audiences back again and again.

Inspired by artists like BB King and Bobby Blue Band, Stacy Mitchhart is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the blues. After growing up in Cincinnati he traveled and played in New York and Los Angelos before settling down in Nashville, TN in 1996 where he found his new home in the music city. Ever since then, Mitchhart has been playing at the Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar on Printer's Alley while also traveling for other gigs and venues. Mitchhart will even come to your home and bring Bourbon Street with him to perform in your own living room!

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