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D.J. Liz Clark was born in La Paz Bolivia. Her family moved to Detroit Michigan when she was a small child. In elementary school Liz took dance lessons and started to learn the guitar. She was also an avid soccer goalkeeper, a sport she picked up in South America. (Her mother played for the Bolivian National Women’s’ Soccer Team) In high school, she started acting in drama class and performed in school plays and musicals, which she continued doing throughout High School and College.

Liz went to the University of Michigan, where she majored in Communications and minored in TV and Radio Broadcasting. She started to D.J. for her college radio station in the afternoon slot. Students would call and request top 40 songs. Back then; she had to handle a huge number of Vinyl records. At the time CDJ’s or D.J. Controllers had not been invented and D.J.’s had to carry the records they played to the venue, which was not easy for a girl.

Later Liz worked for a popular recording studio in Anne Arbor, Michigan that was used by popular musicians such as Ricky Medlock of Lynard Scynard and Ted Nugent among others.



When Liz moved to Las Vegas, she also pursued her passion for acting. She appeared in many featured films and TV shows such as “What happens in Vegas”,  “CSI”, “Supercross”. “Vegas Whales Tales, “ Rocky Balboa”, “ The Sopranos”, “The Mentalist”,”Entourage”, “Royal Pains” and most recently as a D.J in “Think like a Man II “ were she played a D.J. in the movie.


When the movie productions in Las Vegas slowed down due to the economy, Liz started to spin music once again.

First she began playing in bars and small clubs around Las Vegas and Henderson, before she moved to the strip, where she worked at the Carnival Court at Harrah’s.

She also played Latin Nights at the Florida Café downtown and the Havana Grill in Henderson, featuring almost exclusively Cuban music.


Liz also played private and cooperate events in Beverly Hills, Rancho Santa Fee and in the Los Angeles area.

On a recent trip to Germany Liz took the opportunity to D.J at a local Whine Fest, which was a great experience. In Asia Liz worked in Hong Kong for a Jewelry event.

For the past three years Liz also played music at Caesar’s Palaces Garden of Gods pool, supported by dancers. 

Currently Liz is a resident D.J. in the Shadow Bar at Caesar’s Palace Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm to 3am. She plays all kinds of music from Rock/Country to Top 40 and Electro House to please the large variety of patrons that come to the bar, and to keep the Shadow Dancers and flair bartenders entertained throughout the night. Liz collaborated with D.J. in Vegas such as D.J. Twyst, D.J. Scientific, D.J. Melao and many more.


DJ. Liz Clark continues to bring her style to the Las Vegas area in 2014. Besides just being a D.J, she can provide a complete entertainment package including sound, lights, dancers, singers and even bands of all genres.

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