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Lemoyne Alexander


Lemoyne Alexander has worn many hats throughout his career, you may know him as the frontman of The Fascination from the '80s or you may know him as one of the founders of the alt rock band St8 of Grace who released their last album in 2016.  You may even know him as the producer for such stars as R. Kelly, Aaliyah, and The Fresh Prince when he founded the production team 3 da Hardway with rapper Mr. Lee.  No matter where you know him from Lemoyne Alexander is showing that he can do even more with his new solo album titled "Solitude."

Lemoyne has dedicated this new album to his father Oscar "Smitty" Smith who passed away before the recording of the album.  His new album is full of hits like "Cookie Jar" and "Hollywood Blvd." that show Lemoyne can rock and has soul!

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