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Ever since Ronnie Torres seen The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show February 9th, 1964 his life changed and he wanted to become a Beatle. During his childhood years he sang their songs doing John Lennon’s parts and then Paul McCartney’s parts. Many years past and Ronnie was in a few Rock bands throughout the 1980’s and beyond. Ronnie eventually came up with the idea to form a Beatle band but wanted to be different from the other Beatle Tribute bands all over the world. He came up with the idea to form a band that plays the hits along with the songs he grew up listening to and true Beatle Fans will want to hear and to have a back story on the songs that they will be performing during shows which sets them apart from the other Beatle bands. The Liverpool Experience also has all of the authentic Beatle equipment ( yes even The Beatle Shoes) that brings a real true sound and look as they play for the fans at the shows. It wasn't hard for Ronnie Torres to find fellow Beatle Brothers out there to form this fact filled band all about The Beatles and the history behind the songs.

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