Dustin Saylor

Dustin Saylor is a singer song-writer based in Norther California. Saylor's music is soulful, passionate and can't help but draw you in. Dustin Saylor has been nominated as a " Local Artist Spot Light' on Mix 104.9. Saylor has a monthly spot on Country's Froggy 92.9 for there Write A Song Wednesdays spot light.  Dustin Saylor has been a full time working musician for 9 years and has played over 2000 events. From concert halls in San Francisco to Casinos, wineries, weddings, Corporate events, Dustin Saylor has done it all. If you are looking for a fun, chill, inviting atmosphere for your event, hire Dustin Saylor as a solo. If you are looking to dance and have more of a lively night,  hire Saylor's band "The Growing Seeds". Whatever your needs are for musical entertainment Dustin Saylor will always be a hit!